GRC SinoGreen offered great guidance to help us upgrade our company’s internal governance to a world class level. More importantly, thanks to GRC’s help, we have opened a lot of doors to the oversea oil and gas industry major players.

Aleees is the biggest LFP cathode material supplier in the world and the leading electric bus manufacturer in Taiwan.

All Cosmos is a leading bio-fertilizer manufacturer and marketer in Malaysia focusing on agriculture-related activities.

Apexigen is discovering and developing the next generation of antibody therapeutics for the treatment of cancer.

Applied BioCode provides a breakthrough digital multiplexing molecular platform that delivers easy-to-use, low-cost, multiplex analysis for all of your molecular and protein testing needs.

Applied Optoelectronic is a world-leading supplier of diode lasers, photodiodes, and related modules and equipment.

Avertana is disrupting the supply chain of essential raw materials through sustainable sourcing from industrial waste streams and innovative processing.

Centrillion is the Next Generation DNA Sequencing and Bioinformatics service provider.

China Genetics is a leading high quality raw milk wholesale supplier in China with state-of-the-art dairy farm management technologies

Clean Wave Technologies produces next generation electric motors & power electronic controls for electric & hybrid electric vehicles.

Cnano is the leading producer of high-purity multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) for the energy storage, structural, and electronics industries.

CrownBio is a cutting-edge translational technology company making precision medicine a reality.

Danen specializes in manufacturing the highest quality solar ingots and wafers for photovoltaic applications.

Excelsior Healthcare Group integrates healthcare product supply systems to provide efficient healthcare service.

Focal Tech delivers human-machine interface solutions and provides the most competitive touch panel controller ICs and LCD driver ICs for mobile electronic devices.

GCC is the world’s leading biofuel company that maximizes biomass output in its bio-butanol production.

Gintech aims to deliver premium crystallized silicon solar cells to international world-renowned module manufacturers.

Googol Technology is the leading company in China specializing in motion control for robotics, high-end manchineries, and industrial automation applications.

LED Engin offers various emitter products with the highest efficacy in the smallest packages, providing industry leading flux densities.

Rancher Labs builds open-source container management software and services for enterprises to deploy and manage distributed applications.

Raypower is the only grid level energy storage system solution provider in China.

Revolution Fibres develops and manufactures highly functional nanofibres using their unique electrospinning platform with applications in filtration, composites, and cosmetics.

S2C is a world leader in FPGA-based prototyping solutions for the design of high-performance computing, consumer electronics, communications, data storage, etc.

Sentieon develops a suite of bioinformatics secondary analysis tools that process genomics data with high computing efficiency and 100% consistency.

Li-ion battery battery management system (BMS) for high-end two-wheeled vehicles and energy storage systems.

VM Discovery develops oral small molecule new drugs against clinically validated targets.

Voltronic Power is a leading OEM (original equipment manufacturer) who develops and manufactures Uninterruptible Power Supply, Solar Inverter, and Hybrid Inverter.

Starting with car owners and gas stations, Weiche is modernizing the Oil & Gas industry value chain.