Carbon Nanotube Conductive Paste National Standard Promulgated

Standard No. GB / T 33818-2017 was issued by Beijing Cnano Technology Co., Ltd. and Cnano (Zhenjiang) Technology Co., Ltd., and the standard of carbon nanotube conductive paste for lithium ion batteries drafted. For a long time, lithium-ion battery for the pursuit of energy density, the use of carbon nanotubes as a high-performance conductive additives gradually become mainstream. As the industry grows, orderly norms are becoming increasingly important. Cnano Technology as a carbon nanotubes and graphene conductive pulp one of the leading manufacturers, and actively participate in the development of national standards to help the industry normal and orderly development.
The national standard of carbon nanotube conductive paste was promulgated on May 31, 2017. The competent unit was the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the focal point was the National Standardization Technical Committee for Nanotechnology. This standard was officially implemented on December 1, 2017. This standard is published as the world’s first priority, the first in the countries in the nano-industry norms, will help China in the world nano-industry standards, and play a leading role. Cnano Technology as the largest supplier of carbon nanotubes and graphene, hoping to help the government to play an influential role in China’s advanced nano-industry in the world can have a place.

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