Cepton in Partnership for Cape Town Traffic Monitoring

Cepton Inc. and Fibre Based Integrations, a fiber optics systems house, are working together to develop lidar-based vehicle detection technology in Cape Town, South Africa, to enable smart transportation infrastructure city-wide.

Cepton on Tuesday said the partnership combines Fibre Based Integrations' expertise in optics system integration and Cepton's lidar technologies to help the City of Cape Town monitor lane usage and identify vehicles using incorrect lanes.

Fibre Based Integrations has deployed vehicle classification systems on traffic lights at intersections and overhead devices that use Cepton's Helius Smart Lidar System with Vista-P lidar sensors.

Cepton said many of Cape Town's roads have designated bus lanes to ensure the efficiency of public transportation, and Fibre Based Integrations' lidar-enabled systems will allow the city technology department to gather highly accurate, real-time lane usage data to enable analytics that help identify ways to improve traffic flow and safety for motorists and pedestrians.

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