Cepton Inc. (NASDAQ: CPTN) Delivers Comprehensive Lidar

NEW YORK, March 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NetworkNewsAudio — Cepton Inc. (NASDAQ: CPTN) announces the availability of a broadcast titled, “Lidar Leading the Way to Safe Self-Driving Cars.”

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Lidar is a technology for determining distances by targeting an object with a laser, bouncing the light off it, and measuring the time for the reflected light beam to return to the receiver. The data is then processed to create three-dimensional representations of the surrounding area. It’s like radar only using light waves that produce crisper scans. Many believe the approach to be integral to the future of autonomous vehicles because its qualities overcome shortcomings of cameras and radar used in AVs today. The combination of highly effective lidar and the geometric growth in the AV market has sparked an inferno of interest in lidar technology companies.

A pioneer in the industry, Cepton Inc. has differentiated itself from peers with its innovative MMT (micro-motion) technology that overcomes challenges which have plagued the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and AV markets related to performance, cost, reliability and vehicle integration. Cepton delivers a comprehensive  lidar solution portfolio covering hardware and software, inclusive of proprietary state-of-the-art ASICs and key optoelectronic components.

About Cepton Inc.

Cepton is a Silicon Valley innovator of lidar-based solutions for automotive (“ADAS/AV”), smart cities, smart spaces and smart industrial applications. With its patented Micro Motion Technology (“MMT(R)”), Cepton aims to take lidar mainstream and achieve its vision of safe and autonomous transportation for everyone. Cepton has been awarded the largest known ADAS lidar series production award in the industry to date, based on the number of vehicle models awarded, to support General Motors’ Ultra Cruise program. Cepton is also engaged with all other top-10 global OEMs. Founded in 2016 and led by industry veterans with decades of collective experience across a wide range of advanced lidar and imaging technologies, Cepton is focused on the mass market commercialization of high-performance, high-quality lidar solutions. Cepton is headquartered in San Jose, California, and has a center of excellence facility in Troy, Michigan, to provide local support to the OEM and tier 1-studded metro Detroit area. Cepton also has a presence in Germany, Canada, Japan, India and China to serve a fast-growing global customer base.

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